Equality and diversity

Field View Day Nursery strive to make the services it provides fair and easily accessed by all children and parents, and our approach to this is summarised in the following.

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

Field View Day Nursery operates an equal opportunities policy and endeavours to ensure that all children and parents receive exactly the same standard of service. Some children may have individual needs that need to be met, whether they are disabled or not. For some disabled customers, these needs can be very specific.

This policy sets out our commitments on equality, diversity and human rights and says how we will implement and deliver these.

Equality is about creating a fair society where everyone can participate and has the opportunity to fulfil their potential. It is backed by legislation designed to address unfair discrimination on the grounds of gender, trans-gender, partnership status, caring status, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation and religion or belief.

Diversity is about the recognition and valuing of difference in its broadest sense. It is about creating a culture and practice that recognises, respects, values and harnesses these differences for the benefit of the nursery, its employees and children in its care.

Human rights is about fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy in how people are treated and in the services that are provided.

At this nursery, we take equality, diversity and human rights seriously in order to meet our obligations under the  equality, anti-discrimination and human rights legislation. We also believe that we have a moral and ethical obligation to promote equality and eliminate discrimination and harassment and to uphold human rights principles.

Statement of Intent

This policy sets out our commitment to the principles of equality, diversity and human rights for all; our employees, children and parents. We wish to create a workplace and service environment which is free from unfair or unlawful discrimination and harassment and where human rights principles are upheld. We will challenge inequality, discrimination and disadvantage and will work to achieve the highest standards of child care and employment practices.

We wish to ensure that no one who already uses or seeks to use our services or who is a prospective or actual employee should receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of their gender, trans-gender status, partnership status, caring status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, responsibility for dependents, age, trade union or political affiliation or religion or belief.

Service Delivery

We are committed to :

  • Providing services that meet the requirements of individuals fairly, equitably and in a non-discriminatory way.
  • The principles of fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy in all that we do.
  • Considering the needs of our children when providing care.
  • Being accessible and flexible when providing our services and taking the differing needs of our children into account.
  • Assessing our policies and processes and will take appropriate action to address any adverse impact should this be identified
  • Monitoring and evaluating our services to ensure they are meeting the needs of our children


Specific responsibility for this policy rests with our nursery manager but everyone has a responsibility to ensure that
equality and human rights are effectively integrated and monitored.

Individual employees also have a responsibility to abide by the policy and to promote equality of opportunity and human rights principles.

In implementing this policy we will :

  • Communicate the policy to our employees
  • Publicise our policy to our childrens parents
  • Ensure that we have adequate resources in place to fulfil our objectives of the policy

Monitoring and Reviewing

We will establish monitoring systems to assist us in assessing how we are progressing on equality, diversity and human rights in service provision and as an employer.

Complaints of discrimination

Any one who believes an employee, child or parent has been discriminated against or
suffered harassment or victimisation can raise this with our nursery manager